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Space Inventory and Survey

A space inventory and functional usage survey is a critical component of the University’s Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate proposal development.

The results of a space survey determine how most of the University’s facility costs (depreciation, interest and operations and maintenance expenses) in the F&A rate proposal will be allocated to University functions such as instruction and organized research. Because space has a substantial impact upon the F&A rate, it is essential to accurately determine and assign the usage of each room surveyed to the correct function(s).

A space inventory differs from a space functional usage survey. A space inventory determines and assigns codes on the general and primary use of the space. A space functional usage survey assigns actual functional coding and percent of use to space for a given period of time. Functional use codes for the space usage survey are based on guidance from OMB’s Uniform Guidance and as defined in the University’s space functional use definitions.


Course: Research Space Inventory and Functional Usage Survey Training

This hands-on course is mandatory for personnel who will be involved with the research space inventory and functional usage survey. It will familiarize users with federal regulations and University policies and procedures that govern space survey completion for F&A purposes. It will also introduce users to the Webspace system and will provide step-by-step instructions on using the system.

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